A birthday and a board

Roger turned 40 this year, and we decided he more than deserved something special.  He has been daydreaming and discussing a custom surfboard for the last 10 years,  and probably long before that.  A while back he had started following a Southern California board shaper named Jim Hines on instagram whose craftsmanship and love for surf is what drew Roger to his work.  He  makes special videos documenting his process with such attention to detail treating each board as it's own piece of art, Roger just knew this was someone he respected and wanted to work with. 

I had dabbled in painting some of Roger's old boards in the past, covering up years of ding-repairs and wear, but nothing with real staying power.  Jim had told us that he had been following our work also, and a very organic conversation about collaborating evolved.  After  years of us  making each other as many gifts as we could possibly think of, this was in the back of my mind as something I always wanted  to do for him someday.   Low and behold Jim was stoked about it too, and the collaboration began!  We are very lucky to do what we do, and  moments like these are really why we do it. Not only does Roger have this beautiful board, but we have made a new life-long friend in Jimmy!

HAPPY 40TH ROGER!!  Your love for the water, life and creativity inspire me every day. Love Love Love you!!


**Special thanks to Jim Hines, you created something so special for us**

Please see more of J.Hines:work Here: